In the clinic you will have the opportunity of specialized medical Antiageing Clinic services based on personalized medical treatment by specialists with central use of metabolomics.

Clinical Antiageing after personal medical examination which will include:
• Full nutrition and medical history
• Clinical examination
• Individual booster
• Hereditary history
• Advanced management of pathological and other possible factors
Specialized laboratory metabolic control (specific metabolites, analysis of lipids, neurotransmitters, etc.) will be carried out, as well as additional dietary control.
Clinical Antiageing is known to offer services strictly personalized and functional medicine designed to manage chronic abnormal patient conditions, modifications on lifestyle and diet in order to achieve wellness, nutritionist control and improvement of feeding, providing supplements where necessary, with the ultimate aim of longevity in excellent health conditions.

                   Why Us:

  •           10 year experience at Emergency Medicine and medical Home visits in Athens.
  •           10 year experience in clinical Hospitalization in Athens
  •           Member of SOS Doctors group
  •           President of the Hellenic Association of Emergency and Outhospital Medicine
  •           President of Hellenic Association of Point of Care Diagnostics
  •           Speaker in Greek and International conferences

4.800 patients each year with valid and effective diagnosis, immediate treatment and complete medical attendance, without requiring re- testing.

Alleviation of human suffering and disease impact, on patients and their families.

Individual treatment of each patient and systematic processing, even on demanding medical cases.

Accurate diagnosis using up to date medical equipment, at home or in the clinic.