What is Diabetes Mellitus? Which are the symptoms?

Diabetes is not an independent and autonomous disease. It is a group of metabolic disorders, namely the way the body uses the glucose, resulting in high blood sugar values (glucose).
The pancreas cannot produce the necessary amount of insulin at the right time. The body’s cells cannot use the insulin produced by the pancreas. Intestinal-pancreatic peptides disorder. A combination of the above conditions.



What is glucose and which is its use in the human body?

Glucose is a carbohydrate finding in the foods. The proper use of it the body is regulated by the hormone insulin. However, it is produced from our own body cells.
Diabetes is epidemic with serious complications

• Retinopathy
• Kidney Disease
• Neuropathy
• Strokes
• Coronary Artery Disease



Diabetes treatment process

• Chronic disease with hard management
• The target is to maintain the blood sugar levels in the normal range
• For the successful treatment, is required the cooperation of physician and patient
• Proper, specialized nutrition



Pharmaceutical Treatment for Diabetes
• Insulin
• Antidiabetic tablets




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