The Hair Scanning System, is an innovative and cutting-edge method that offer us detailed and personalised information about the quality of the environmental indexes (e.g. radiation) that are relating to wellness of cellular function. Moreover, it mainly helps us collect other biological and biochemical factors (such as vitamins, minerals and metals) that, provided the appropriate proportion, they secure the:

  • The smooth cell functioning
  • The fast metabolism and the cellular respiration
  • the anti-ageing action and prevention of cellular death

All this information can be gathered from the DNA that is found in hair cells samples that we collect from your head or the underarm -if it is not attainable by the former.

What we actually do is that we acquire 4 samples of hair from the nape of your neck and carry out testing. In an only 20 minutes-time we are able to output all the wanted info, much like a personal bio-report.

Dr. Sp. Barbas and his team that is consisted of specialised scientists, deploy your personalised treatment programme and clinical optimisation, ultimately to achieve your wellbeing, smooth metabolism and the avoidance of ageing and cellular decay. So, in case we feel:

  • Phases of low energy
  • Daytime sleepiness and bad sleep quality
  • Inability of waking up
  • Signs of weak immune (e.g frequent flu and illnesses)
  • Fatigue and lack of concentration
  • Reasonless aches
  • Slow recovery after an illness
  • Vulnerability to injuries

…then, now is the time to help ourselves and follow a treatment schedule of personalised optimisation, by taking first the Hair Scanning Test.


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