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Spyros Barbas, MD

Dr Spyros Barbas MD PhD

Director of the Pathological Clinic of ATHENS BIOCLINIC

President of the Hellenic Society for Emergency Exhospital Medicine

Spyros Barbas graduated from the Medical School of the “Aristotelio” University of Thessaloniki and then completed his specialty in Internal medicine at the “Evangelismos” Hospital in Athens.

During Internal Medicine Specialization he was specialized in the treatment of the diabetic foot in hypertension and preventive treatment of the most modern diseases of the century, such as diabetes, obesity and hyperlipidemia.

He worked as a doctor in major companies where he applied medical data for prevention and recording programs, introducing for the first time systems for recording medical records for employees.

Upon the completion of his specialty and his almost simultaneous participation in the specialty examinations (June 2005), he began his Ph.D. working at the University of Athens, thus completing his specialization in the metabolic syndrome.

He developed and organized the Internal Medicine Clinic of the Praxitelio Group “Galinos” Clinic. Then he served as Director of Internal Medicine Specialist and scientific officer of the group. He has worked for more than 6 years with SOS Doctors and was dealing with cases of emergency Outhospital medicine in Athens and Attica area.

At the same time he was vice president of the scientific association of SOS doctors, having as his main responsibility the evaluation and implementation of home care programs in special groups of patients.

He is the President of the Hellenic Association of Emergency Out hospital Medicine, attending relevant conferences abroad and organizing conferences and workshops in Greece on the prevention and effective treatment of primary care diseasses.

He is President and Founder of AMS (Advanced Medical Services S.A. ) Private Clinic with departments  in Athens and Mykonos having all the basic specialties of primary and secondary care, and at the same time has developed a special department of Prevention and Clinical Anti-Aging .

He is vice president of DYONMED SA and a member of AACC. President and founder of the Hellenic Association of Point of Care (HAPOC).

In recent years, he has specialized in clinical anti-aging in reference centers in Europe (Brussels) and USA, by implementing special support and control programs and became a member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

As an Internal Medicine Specialist he is actively involved in patient hospitalization management and care in private clinics in Athens.

Since 2014, he is a scientific associate of the Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group, managing the Department of Internal Medicine and from March 2019 he is Director of Internal Medicine Department of Bioclinic General Hospital of Athens.

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