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The experience, expertise and knowledge of our department of Cardiology, combined with
the application of modern diagnostic techniques, ensures the management of the most serious heart problems and events.

The collaboration between the Department of Cardiology with the Department of
Hospitalization and Patient Management ensures their overall care, always aiming at the best outcome for our patient.

Cardiovascular disease prevention programs run daily in our modern facilities, where you can participate free of charge by appointment.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Symptoms can lead us to a cardiac section many times, however, they are degraded or we do not give them the proper meaning.

Our expertise and the international medical procedures and management of our cardiological incidents enable us to manage and evaluate symptoms quickly and quickly through a series of special examinations.

  • Quick diagnosis
  • Comprehensive medical examinations when needed
  • Early recognition and medical intervention
  • Proposal for surgical intervention when deemed necessary

Emergency Cases

210 665 9688

People Say

From afternoon I had a nuisance my back late in the evening the pain became intense immediately after the phone came home the examinations and I immediately moved to the hospital where my doctor who was the manager I was avoided the surgery and I turned my home to days perfectly healthy Fortunately in 1 hour I became all the necessary thanks doctor

Elias G

Gym Trainer

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