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The overall management of chronic diseases is a specialized department that has been

created through the many years of experience and management of hundreds of cases of

chronic diseases.

The management of chronic cases needs the support and provision of specialized medical

services, such as those offered by the operation of a modern clinic. With confidence and

professionalism, we manage chronic incidents altogether, ensuring at all times their

hospitalization and tertiary care, when required, as well as home hospitalization or follow-


Patient hospitalization management

Assessing the patient’s hospitalization and ultimately their diagnosis and treatment is a process where the whole team of experienced AMS doctors participates in their immediate and effective clinical management For us, home hospitalization in special patient groups is an approach that we propose because we can effectively support

  • Quick diagnosis
  • Comprehensive medical examinations when needed
  • Early recognition and medical intervention
  • Proposal for surgical intervention when deemed necessary

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24h : 210 665 9688

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Dr. Spyros Barbas

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People Say

My father had been hospitalized several times in the past for a year of illness This time he was hospitalized with the supervision of AMS doctors, the difference was that we needed half the days of hospitalization and then we followed a home care program that fully restored the functionality and health of my father It was really great