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Dr Barbas, a member of the American Society for Clinical Anti-aging, with remedial training
at Anti-Aging Clinics of Europe and the United States, introduces in Greece, in collaboration
with specialized laboratories of identifing specific virologic markers and genome scans,
innovative clinical anti-aging protocols.

The first step is the clinical recovery of all deterioration diseases and the deviation of
pathological findings.
Next, personalized to each patient, according to the daily and future requirements of his
lifestyle, the unique Anti-Aging Program is designed for him.
Call us for a free update and presentation of the AMS Clinical Anti-aging program.

Special Customized Session

The most advanced health service is offered by our clinic.
Call us for an information session, by the specialized anti-aging clinic staff.
Become totally healthy, feel your energy and your daily mood at your highest levels, ensure
longevity and well-being, create the best living conditions for you and your family every day.
“Love and deepen your self, listen and recognize your needs”

  • Advanced DNA tests
  • Personalized determination of bio markers and hormones
  • Restoration of digestive absorption and digestive function
  • Develop personalized profile of bio markers

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24h : 210 665 9688

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Δρ. Σπύρος Μπάρμπας
Dr. Spyros Barbas

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It is an impressive experience the doctor carefully guarded the absence of a disease and then through special tests strengthen the functioning of my body I have more energy power and activity I am 55 and my hours of work have increased a lot while my strengths do not follow the Aging Anti-aging Program, both my physical and mental health is at the highest level I've ever had It's an incredible journey that we owe it to ourselves