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The specialized dental section of our modern clinic, offers dental services tailored to the
needs of each patient, since dental medical services are highly personalized.
The collaboration of the Dentistry with specialized orthodontic centers in Athens and
abroad ensures the complete management of any incident.
Our long cooperation with scientifically established maxillofacial surgery centers contributes
effectively to the excellent and immediate management of difficult dental conditions.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Our goal is personalized dental service with love and respect to each of our patients
Our many years of experience in dealing with cases of all ages, enables us to ensure the best
possible outcome for our patients.
Our final goal is a bright smile, a smile of life and well-being!

  • Comprehensive medical examinations when needed
  • Early recognition and medical intervention
  • Complex dental surgeries

Emergency Cases

24h : 210 665 9688

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Head Doctors

Dr Panagiotis Gryparis
  • 210 665 9688

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People Say

I visited my doctor a lot of shame, thinking it was something easy with immediacy The problem was met, the great beard was the need for a special intervention where the dental department in cooperation with specialist maxillofacial surgeons resolved it soon and naturally irrationally. Thank you very much
Kostas P.
Medical Technician