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Emergency Department.
With our 15 years of emergency management experience, AMS is the first sophisticated
polyclinic providing (and) home-based management, with simultaneous patient transfer
with ambulances or Hospitalization and emediate management of these incidents.
At AMS, we offer total Emergency Management in three steps:

  • Rating – Urgent Management
  • Transfer.
  • Hospitalization and clinical management.

Emergency and patient transfer department

The Emergency Department is organized and follows international medical procedures for home and medical visits. It is ready to manage the most urgent incident and at the same time to implement it in their effective removal

  • Quick diagnosis
  • Comprehensive medical examinations when needed
  • Early recognition and medical intervention
  • Proposal for surgical intervention when deemed necessary

Emergency Cases

24h : 21 0665 9688

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Head Doctors​

Dr. Spyros Barbas

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People Say

During afternoon I had a nuisance my back late in the evening the pain became intense immediately after the phone came home the examinations and I immediately moved to the hospital where my doctor who was the manager I was avoided the surgery and I turned my home to days perfectly healthy Fortunately in 1 hour I became all the necessary thanks doctor
Elias G
Gym Trainer