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A state-of-the-art department, that operates on two levels:

A. Clinical Nutrition, which supports the medical departments of our clinic, such as cardiology, pathology, gynecology, clinical anti-aging and prevention, aiming at the overall therapeutic management of patients.

B. Preventive Nutrition, which aims at the prevention and establishment of eating behaviours and habits, aiming at wellness, longevity and long-term management of symptoms and biological indicators of various chronic illnesses or diseases of deterioration (eg diabetes mellitus, hypertension).

In addition, it aims at general prevention and clinical antiaging, introducing in Greece for the first time special certified programs and innovative DNA diagnostic tests such as the HAIR SCANNING SYSTEM.

Clinical Nutrition and Prevention

Diet for us is behavior coextensive with our way of life and our goal to change it naturally for the better Improving nutrition is not for us, deprivation or lack of beloved foods, but adapting and sharing with the patient a personalized and acceptable diet plan. This ensures maximum compliance and eventually introduces a new approach in combination, where medication or a new healthy lifestyle is needed

In AMS, following international protocols in collaboration with specially-trained testing centers in Europe and the United States of America, they apply a series of exams and special clinical anti-aging programs by “regrouping” the proper functioning of our organization

Emergency Cases

24h : 210 665 9688

Nutritional tools

  • Extracorporeal diet and exercise programs Education and Health Coaching sessions
  • Special interventions of metabolism and fat burning
  • Hairscanning DNA System
  • Clinical anti-aging programs
  • Charging vitamins and trace elements Hydration and Rehabilitation of Electrolytes Strengthening and abrupt bowel functionality

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People Say

I have been trying for many years to lose some weight I do not get it At times I have followed everything the most important thing was that I have now had pressure discomfort and my sugar never thought I could lose 15 kg without getting deprived of anything and reduce my medication in half So I take 7 pills a day while I get over 15 is amazing! I feel 10 years shorter
Kostas P.
Public Driver