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Η διαχείριση χρόνιων πνευμονολογικών The management of chronic pulmonary events takes place at AMS, in collaboration with the
department of Pathology or Cardiology, for the overall management and long-term control
of patients.

We offer comprehensive medical services to our patients, allowing them to complete all of
their examinations in our facilities, avoiding unnecessary movement and ensuring
comprehensive case management, which in these cases is necessary in line with
international medical standards.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

The symptomatology of each patient leads us to a series of specialized diagnostic approaches in order to promptly and effectively give the appropriate responses and extensions to maximize the therapeutic effect in these special patient profiles of our pulmonary department

  • Quick diagnosis
  • Comprehensive medical examinations when needed
  • Early recognition and medical intervention
  • Proposal for surgical intervention when deemed necessary
  •  Patient transfer and hospitalization of patients

Emergency Cases

210 665 9688

Head Doctors


Dr. Spyros Barbas

210 665 9688


People Say

I had a persistent cough for quite some time although I had visited but Doctors during 24 hours I was completely absent Symptoms I did all my examinations easily and I immediately returned to my job ..

Eleni P

Air hostess

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