Health Medical officer


At AMS we have developed and are implementing medical services programs as health care providers in full compliance with international protocols and guidelines but also in line with the recent Ministerial Decision (JMC) to comply with enterprise measures to reduce transmission and incident management of Covid 19

Health safety & medical program as a Health Medical officer
(basic application axes): ​

  • Scientific responsibility and cooperation with EODY and authorities for the incident management protocol of Covid 19
  • Inform and train staff on safety measures and compliance with Covid 19 transmission avoidance rules
  • We certify for the training by covering the necessary thematic topics and giving the correct medical information (based on international guidelines & EODY
  • We implement and adapt the Covid 19 incident management protocol to each company, whether the employee of the company or customer / guest.
  • We cooperate with EODY for the proper handling and management of the incident, the traceability of incidents and continuous assurance of business operation
  • We perform the necessary examinations for the medical management and certification of the diagnosis of the Covid 19 incident (molecular tests and control of personnel antibodies)
    Sampling of personnel to ensure the absence of asymptomatic and immune control
  • We provide medical care and transport of the patient (ambulance) to the secondary unit or reference hotel for Covid 19 management
  • We control and evaluate the implementation of measures and rules to prevent the transmission and staff safety in accordance with medical protocols (KYA)