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We operate daily.

Please contact us to arrange the ideal appointment for you, in one of the AMS medical departments.

Tel.: 210 665 9688

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Summer season: the polyclinic is on operation every day.

Winter season: the polyclinic is on operation every day except Saturday and Sunday of the dental department.

Please contact us for planning your appointment and your direct service on the phone:

Tel: 2289 022352

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Experienced and Recognized Healthcare Professionals

Your health is the most valuable you have, we believe the same. Our health care professionals with their experience and expertise ensure what is most valuable to you!

Personalized Treatment

Each patient is a unique case and so we handle it. Personalizing our medical handling and overall management aiming at the greatest clinical outcome for the patient.

Hospitalization and clinical management

Our multiannual expertise and our recognized and experienced team of associates ensure immediate clinical management of patients whenever necessary. In AMS, using international protocols, we manage patient profiles with the aim of rehabilitating individually through the specialized department of clinical anti-aging and specific diagnosis life indicators.​


Telemedicine services such as online medical appointment for patients with transportation  difficulties or patients belonging to high-risk groups. So don't worry if transportation is difficult for you we can always offer our services wherever you are!

Health & Medical officer for management of Covid 19

At AMS we have developed and are implementing medical services programs as health care providers in full compliance with international protocols and guidelines but also in line with the recent Ministerial Decision (JMC) to comply with enterprise measures to reduce transmission and incident management of Covid 19.

It mainly concerns companies that provide hosting, transportation, catering and entertainment services.

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Welcome to our sophisticated private Polyclinic

Thank you for your trust in AMS. We apply personalized medical practices by following international medical standards for faster diagnosis and more effective treatment



Staffed by experienced and clinically acclaimed Pathologists.

Emergency Cases

At AMS we offer comprehensive Emergency Management.

Digestive Diseases - IBS

Expertise in management of the IBS - The latest clinical and medical approaches.


Our experience, expertise and knowledge ensures the management of the most serious cardiac events.


We offer comprehensive medical services to our patients.


Sophisticated sections: Clinical Nutrition & Preventive nutrition.


Overall management of gynaecological diseases, from adolescence to menopause.


Services tailored to the needs of every patient individually.

Clinical anti-aging

Become perfectly healthy, feel your energy and your mood, daily.


With state-of-the-art imaging practices and devices.

Chronic diseases

Total chronic disease management is a specialized department.

Advanced Medical Diagnostics

Supports all AMS departments daily on a diagnostic level.

Medical Specialists

Dr. Georgios Makris
Dr. Georgios Makris
210 665 9688
Christiana Plakia
Patient Care
Christiana Plakia
210 665 9688

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